Shore Pine Drive

A Transitional Modern Kitchen Renovation in Fort Collins, Colorado.

A stunning renovation that seamlessly blends transitional modern design elements. This comprehensive renovation focuses on transforming the kitchen and main level of a home into a stylish and functional space that exceeds our client’s expectations.

Project Scope :

Main Floor Renovation

By undertaking this renovation, we aimed to enhance our client’s daily living experience, providing them with a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our team’s expertise and attention to detail guarantee a successful transformation of the kitchen and main level, delivering a space that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression.


The highlight of this project is undoubtedly the kitchen, where we have implemented a breathtaking design that combines elegance with contemporary touches. The centerpiece of the kitchen is a two-level island, serving as a focal point for both culinary activities and social gatherings. The island features a double waterfall butcher block bar, adding a touch of warmth and natural beauty to the space. Complementing the island, we have installed Quartz Cambria Countertops, known for their durability, sleekness, and timeless appeal.


In addition to the kitchen, our team has also enhanced the functionality and aesthetics of the laundry area. We have added a sink, making laundry tasks more convenient and efficient. The tile work throughout the laundry area has been meticulously executed in-house, ensuring quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The melamine cabinets from Milarc provide ample storage space while maintaining a modern aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with the overall design.


Our skilled craftsmen have created a visually stunning custom cable handrail, elevating the staircase’s design and adding a touch of sophistication. The combination of sleek cables and carefully selected materials ensures that the staircase is not only functional but also serves as a statement piece within the home. It ties seemlessly with the rest of this transitional modern kitchen renovation.

A transitional modern kitchen renovation showing a dual heigh island with bar seating in Fort Collins Colorado.
Modern light fixtures in the Shore Pine Drive kitchen renovation
Detailed view of the waterfall white oak countertop with bar height seating and modern leather bar stools selected by Freestone Design Build.
Straight on view of the back of the four modern leather barstools nest under the bar height waterfall white oak countertop designed by Freestone Design-Build.
Wide angle view of the Shore Pine Drive transitional modern kitchen looking at the modern staircase update
Large island in a transitional modern kitchen renovation project completed by Freestone Design-Build in Fort Collins Colorado.
Custom built in cabinets and shelving that work seamlessly with the modern white oak and cable railing designed by Freestone Design-Build.
A white oak staircase with a custom built handrail made from white oak and cable matches the aesthetic of the transitional modern kitchen design
Detailed image showing the juxtaposition of the stunning white oak staircase with the white oak waterfall counter and barstools of the kitchen in the background.
Laundry renovation  showing custom built in cabinets and modern open shelving
Laundry renovation  showing custom built in cabinets and a bench to set a hamper on.