Bridget Lane

Modern Transitional Kitchen Renovation in Laporte, Colorado

In this modern transitional kitchen renovation and main floor update brought new life and character to the home. Our team’s careful planning, custom craftsmanship, and attention to detail culminated in a space that seamlessly combined functionality, style, and a fresh burst of color.

Project Scope :

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen served as the focal point of the project, and we began by reimagining its layout to maximize functionality and aesthetics. Custom cabinets were selected to suit the homeowner’s specific color requests and to provide ample storage space while reflecting a modern transitional style. To infuse a unique touch, we opted for custom color green painted cabinets, adding a refreshing and lively element to the kitchen’s atmosphere.

To further enhance the kitchen’s visual appeal, we installed a custom green tile mosaic from Mercury Mosaic Tile oven backsplash that beautifully complemented the cabinetry. Additionally, the countertops were adorned with quartz that resembled the natural elegance of concrete, giving the space a contemporary edge while maintaining a sleek and timeless charm. Schmidt’s red oak flooring was laid throughout the kitchen and the main level.

Main Floor Renovation

Moving beyond the kitchen, the main floor received a comprehensive update, breathing new life into the entire area. The hardwood floors were treated with a new finish, revitalizing their appearance and lending a sense of warmth to the surroundings.

Powder Bath

The powder bathroom underwent a remarkable transformation. The room became a true statement piece with its unique plumbing fixture and vibrant ambiance. Painted in a bright teal blue hue, the walls exuded energy and style. The floor, adorned with patterned tiles, added a playful touch and showcased our attention to detail.


One notable feature of the project was the modern custom handrail that graced the staircase, seamlessly blending with the overall aesthetic and providing a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Modern Transitional Kitchen renovation with a large open layout and cabinets with a green accent color - completed by Freestone Design-Build
Custom green tile oven backsplash installed to mimic the vibrant green color used on the cabinets
A straight on view of the green tile mosaic backsplash that is over the oven and under the modern vent hood of this home renovation in Fort Collins Colorado.
Wide angle view of the back of the kitchen showing the large island in the foreground that looks into the dining an living rooms large oversized windows.
View of the modern transitional kitchen renovation that shows the massive amount of counter space and details of the kitchen cabinets designed by Freestone Design-Build.
Additional view of the Bridget Lane project kitchen showing the unique layout of the kitchen island and cabinets.
View of the Bridget Lane modern transitional kitchen renovation in Fort Collins Colorado
Detailed show of the custom backsplash mosaic tile installed in-house by Freestone Design-Build.
Wide angle view of the Bridget lane kitchen overlooking the modern sink and faucet into the kitchen.
A bright and airy modern kitchen design by Freestone Design-Build in Fort Collins Colorado
A modern custom handrail and staircase that was updated by Freestone Design-Build as a part of their home renovation project of Bridget Lane in Fort Collins Colorado
Additional view of the white oak modern staircase installed as a part of this modern transitional kitchen renovation project in Fort Collins Colorado
Hallway powder bath view showing the vibrant teal blue wall paint to match the kitchen cabinets nearby
Top down view of the hallway powder bath completed in the modern transitional kitchen renovation project at Bridget Lane by Freestone Design-Build in Fort Collins Colorado.
Looking down view of custom hexagon floor patterned tiles in the hallway powder bath
Unique plumbing fixture featured in the powder bath that is brass and matches the vanity mirror installed above it.